Thursday, March 15, 2018

Will the Trump problem solve itself if he is allowed to appoint himself President for Life?

We have witnessed a fantastic attrition in the WH in the last week. The most stunning of these dismissals of course Rex Tillerson, but I was quite impressed with the speed with which Trump's bodyman McEntee was kicked to the kerb for financial fraud. We are told McMaster, Kelly and Sessions are on the out as well. It is only a matter of time before they are all fired by Trump.

And then Trump bragged about how he made up facts at a head of state level meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau. Seeing as Canada is our biggest trading partner for food products - one can only wonder how the midwestern farmers that voted for Trump felt like after that little admission. I am sure Trump will walk that back amidst shouts of "Fake News" etc... but still you gotta wonder what's going through a Trumpers head these days as everything is visibly falling apart.

This brings me to my deepest insight of the day.

It was quite clear at the beginning of the 2016 electoral cycle that the mass of negative emotions triggered by Prez Obama's election (and re-election) among White baby boomers was going to play a major role in the outcome. The extent to which the GOP and Trump would collude with RIS to produce a desired electoral outcome was a bit of a surprise, but perhaps it should not have been.

In some ways this was necessary because with the pre-eminence of the millenial generation and the easily weaponized nostalgia of the White boomers, when the political contract was rewritten - the White boomers wanted it changed. Unfortunately there was no way to do it as it was too costly and White boomer productivity was not sufficient to cover the cost so the only way to do this was to get some stupid chumps in Russia to fund it.

That said - it came with a price, and that price tag has made me extremely uncomfortable.

I have watched with great concern as toxic ideas were deliberately vented to push Trump into the White House. As a result of such venting the GOP was devoured by its own pet Great White Shark - that beast which derives its strength from unrealistic supremacist expectations.

But that said I must wonder if it makes sense to allow Trump the maximum possible latitude to do his thing. He has indicated he wants to become Prez for Life. Let him think that is what he has achieved. If one does that - then he will become even more capricious and high handed in his behavior towards his own loyalists and like Tomi Lahren kicking her pet dog, Trump will eventually kick his pet Great White Shark.

That will most likely have one of three outcomes.

A) The Great White Shark will die as Trump's kick severs its last remaining brain cells.
B)  The Great White Shark will devour Trump.
C)  They will take each other down.

We have seen the Great White and Trump carefully circle around each other after the Charlottesville assassination. But at the time the The Great White Shark just swam around occasionally gnashing its teeth (recall that interview with the dude who said he would like to see a president whose daughter was not married to a "Jew"?) - and Trump mostly stood still slowly wandering his way through circular statements.

But if Trump thinks he has become Prez for Life, then he will not be willing to brook any kind of push back from people he thinks he has promoted via his brand (I mean seriously who would have heard of guys like Alex Jones, Matt Hiembach etc... if Trump hadn't promoted them?) He will demand complete loyalty and being who they are these folks will refuse it.

The same with the 2A types.

So this will probably create exactly the kind of pressure needed to resolve the complications created by the present situation.

Again this will not pay for the change the White boomers want - but allow Russia an exit from this disastrous investment. The White boomers will continue to pay the costs for cleaning up this carnage (The GOP will make sure that their social security/medicaid/IRAs are robbed to pay for the clean up) but at the very least RIS will be able to walk away from this*.

All one has to do right now - is allow Trump to believe he is an emperor. His fragile ego will do the rest.

* I say nothing about Putin - how could I do that? That is an internal Russian matter.


At 3:46 AM, Blogger Ralphy said...

dr T's chaos machine is working overtime tossing high level people out of his administration.

T seems to be enjoying himself thoroughly, kind like a pig in mud, life is good. he may not like the 2020 election however. 2018 election may not be too kind to congress either.

say what you will about modi.....but he doesn't seem to like chaos the way t does. and modi is not vulgar like t either.

At 6:31 PM, Blogger maverick said...

I really don't care for Modi/Shah. I was reassured they would be competent admins that would keep the country managed properly and the Aadhaar system in good working order. They have done neither.

To make matters worse the Brahmins are now in disagreement over what can be done to remedy the situation.

The Mishras must realize their experiment is not working. And that it is time to shut this down.

There is really no point in keeping this going.

At 6:34 PM, Blogger maverick said...

As regards Trump, all I can say is it is all going according to the plan I have laid out in the post.

With Putin's election over, the need to keep up appearances is past.

At 9:25 AM, Blogger Ralphy said...

the russkis used a powdered form of nerve agent against skripal. evidentally they dispersed the powder so that skripal's car sucked it into the vents. it also got another number of people sick. amazing disregard for human life and international laws and treaties....

however it does provide a window into the russian's bio chemical warfare capabilities....useful information to have......

At 10:40 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Yes, it is an amazingly don't give a fuck attitude that suggests Putin knows his goose is cooked.

At 3:10 PM, Blogger Ralphy said...

it should be noted that us troops train to fight in a bio chemical battleground. to them chemicals represent a giant nuisance and nothing more. it won't stop them.

it does represent however as a terror weapon against civilian populations. they have no defenses against it.

if the russians want to pour their money into terror weapons against civilians then it is a rather poor choice of resource allocation and will not protect russian military assets from a determined, prepared opposition.

At 5:36 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Yes I too feel he is saying that he will use it on a soft target with no CBW protections if his interests are not respected.

I think the ordinary Russians are hostage to his terror as well.

I understand why Putin is doing this, Trump has jerked him around quite a bit and it seems that Putin didn't really trust Trump at all. The CBW attacks are his insurance policy against Trump selling him down the river.

The fact that Putin would be contemplating such a thing is a sign that Putin knows he is completely fucked right now. The "victory" would have given Putin a brief respite, but as his cash flow crisis continues, he will become more unhappy and depressed. At some point it will become clear to him that he cannot pay enough people to keep him in power. That is where we are heading very quickly.

We have a problem here, but given the chaotic situation in DC, it is unlikely we will be able to position tools to solve the problem.


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