Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trump's PR war on the USIC

As I have stated earlier, Trump was most likely used as a USIC asset to spy on RU conflict capital being moved on to Wall Street. As the KGB realized that the Soviet economic collapse was imminent it began to off-shore capital into Wall Street/London/Paris etc... There was no way for the USIC to know if this was a genuine capital flight or a hostile provocation aimed at destabilizing the US economy, so I feel it is likely that they engaged a number of people to keep an eye on things.

I strongly suspect Trump was one of their informants. This is the only way I can explain how he was able to get so deep into bed with the various mobsters in NYC, Jersey and Mogilovich without getting fried by the FBI-NY office or by the Treasury Department or the Manhattan DA. Absent this connection, I am at a complete loss to explain how numerous DOJ people going back into several admins - Democrat and Republican - continually vouched for guys like Felix Sater. My only explanation is that the dog didn't bark because it was told that the visitor was a friend. In Trumper terminology - Trump is as much a part of the "Deep State" as anyone else is. Perhaps it helps to think of this as an analogy to the Whitey Bulger scenario.

However unlike most other CIs I feel Trump did not understand what came with the CI status. Unfortunately in this kind of work, the CI has no expectation of rights, the CI's life itself is the property of the handler/case officer. This would be a very difficult fact for someone like Trump to swallow, especially if he was recruited via an appeal to his ego or if the conduct of his CI duties put him in a position where his ego was constantly polished.

I also suspect that if a CI goes rogue and tries to reset their relationship with their handler or case officer, then the move will backfire tremendously on the CI. I think Trump is currently suspected of attempting that kind of reset. There is ample evidence in the public realm that suggests that Trump went off-script in his meetings with the Putin side of the RIS in 2013. There is also significant suggestions of a similar off-script relationship with the Bibi side of things in Israel. This is just a suspicion at this time and it cannot be said that there is not a foreign influence in the critical processes of the US government.

Unfortunately IMHO neither the Putin side of RIS nor the Bibi side of things in Israel capture the real perspective in Moscow or Tel Aviv. Their perspective is quite myopic and it is difficult to see how Trump acting in their interests even briefly works for USIC. Sure providing a portal for the views of these governments to the USIC would be a positive development but a very narrow portal with more short term commercial interests doesn't seem that useful.

From this POV - this Trump thing - is simply an ongoing intelligence operation. It is now an attempt to defeat unintentionally adverse or actively hostile influence operations that degrade the US national security scenario or generally impair the ability of the USIC to do its job properly.

The Mueller inquiry is a way to put Trump under the microscope. Trump's response to being put under the microscope is not the response of an innocent man. An innocent man would declare his innocence and hire competent legal representation. Instead Trump has chosen to attack the USIC and the Mueller inquiry itself.  It is impossible to see this as anything but a hostile action by the agent of a foreign power. In this kind of climate - it seems irrelevant to even continue the inquiry as the CI has already confessed to the crime that he is accused of.

However the inquiry itself is needed to ensure that the public at large is informed of the nature of the criminal conduct. At the present time there is sufficient evidence to impeach Trump on grounds that he has violated a number of emoluments and campaign finance rules. There is a pervasive stench of organized crime and corruption around his people.

The GOP will naturally fight this impeachment process as most of the electoral financing comes from outside the US (hence all the dark money payments) and their legislators will burn up tremendous amounts of social capital doing this. This is as bad as it sounds.

The Democrats (like the USIC) will have to balance the need to impeach Trump with the need to secure against future political adversities. So my guess is that while the Democrats will be keen to launch an impeachment process, they will be unwilling to conclude it until their wider political survival parameters are met.

From the liberal perspective, this is not ideal but we know now from events yesterday in Israel that hard right wing forces all over the World are driven to precipitate an Apocalypse in the hope that their are "chosen" to survive*. So it may reflect an immediate political reality of our times.

* perhaps due to cultural barriers they don't quite realize that every ISIS SVBIED driver has identical ideas and the outcome of being "chosen" is quite different from what is naively anticipated.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger Ralphy said...

the donald had grabbed zte and huwei electronics by the short and curlies by banning them from the us market place. the squealing was awesome!

however he has since relented and directed the commerce department to find a solution.....what caused this reversal?

is it sincere or is he playing b school army game .......yes sir right away sir.....?

At 12:02 PM, Blogger maverick said...

Err.. Ralphy - they paid him off to the tune of $500M in Indonesia via their OBOR fund. It all came out in the press two days ago.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger maverick said...

The Qataris seem to have agreed to spare him some fraction of his escrow fees for the Rosneft payoff. That was apparently the "loan" they gave to the Jared Kushner 666 fifth ave building after Xi Jinping shut down the Anbang operation.

There appears to be a difference in the China, KSA, Qatar, Iran, India, SoKo etc.. approach to Trump than the Israel, RU approach.

While the latter use blackmail via leaks to the media and pay him via GOP channels (NRA, Adelson/Dark Money Groups). The former pay him via his "businesses" and then leak out what they did to the media. This way when Mueller comes asking questions - Trump has to go the extra mile to accommodate the other countries or risk them outing details of his emoluments to Mueller.

The amount of money his operation takes to get through a single day is quite staggering. I am not sure at what point people will come to their senses on this issue and disinvest from him.

I suspect he bent over backwards for Bibi these last few months because the Cohen side of the money operation blew up in his face. He needs Adelson (i.e. Bibi) to pay for cleaning up this mess, but I am not sure even Bibi can afford this rate of outflow.

I really don't care about this, this is all between him and the IC and as for any bits that slip through this - that's on the fools that voted for him. My conscience is clean - I knew this would happen so I never entertained the idea of voting for him.

Even as far back as 2016 I kept asking where the GOTV money will come from and I never got an answer to that. I guess it came in the form of an Adelson payoff to anti-GOTV ops run by RIS/GRU operators - I knew something was off when his funds were running so low without anywhere near the actual travel and rally budget that the Dems had.

At 5:18 AM, Blogger maverick said...

It really looks like Putin and Bibi paid an upfront premium for Trump back during the election days. Both RU and IL are trying to cruise through on that premium alone and limit any extra charges as time passes.

Everyone else didn't see the point of paying the premium and prefers a transactional model.

I can't say which is better - does it make more sense to pay up front and use detailed knowledge of the bribes to effectively blackmail Trump into keeping his bullshit down? or does it make sense to only go up to him with money in hand and press leak in the pocket and get him to keep shit sane?

I personally would think given USIC interests, the latter approach is safer. Worst case it looks like influence peddling/pay to play - the prior approach seems indistinguishable from hostile infiltration.

I just can't get Trumpers - there is a special kind of stupid that complains loudly about FEMA trailers being a prelude to mass incarceration but celebrates the creation of detention warehouses for migrant kids separated from their parents. I guess folks don't realize warehouses don't care who gets stuffed in them.


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