Wednesday, March 27, 2019

GOP - JEB, is your Savior!

As you all may have noticed, Trump is increasingly isolated and angry. He can't seem to go very long without rage tweeting or golfing. Those are his principle stress management tools and the whole thing is falling apart under him. He is literally going to piece. Even he knows his "No Collusion, Exonerated" thing is bullshit - as do all his "base" - that's why they are latching on to the Smollet story like it means something.

The GOP is in a pickle. Rather than accept a moderate like JEB as its candidate, it chose to engage with extremist views and put Trump in the WH. I am sure it was lucrative for the GOPers as they all got paid in Russian money but fundamentally the bride was not worth the price. Doing all this carries huge legal penalties and there is no way to escape those costs. In the end the costs outweigh the benefits.

So unsurprisingly - as some of you may have noticed - Trump is increasingly surrounded by former Bush era officials who seem to be helping him stay afloat for now. While this is obviously strategic - given Trump's isolation - anyone who agrees to work with him risks immense censure and possible criminal exposure, the Bush era officials are effectively increasing the leverage and therefore restoring place of the family in national narrative.

It is difficult to keep track of narratives in this strange time.

So may I humbly suggest a simple narrative?

The Bush family served this nation with integrity and honesty. Even when facing its own immense struggles with substance abuse and health - it did whatever it could to meet the needs of the country.

And what did the entitled GOP OWM crowd do?

Spit in their face?

Humiliate them based on the words of people like Chip Tatum or Roseanne Barr?

Oh wait - I forgot - the Bush family were supposed to be reptilians from Zeta Reticuli - and they had signed the treaty with the Aliens in 1954... right?

And where has pandering to that led you - OWM of the GOP?

How does it feel to be used as an asswipe by Trump? Sen McConnell anything you want to share about that sensation?

The more you guys support this Trump madness - the more you will suffer.

Supporting Trump has already made you even more reviled and hated than any member of the Bush family ever was.

Keep supporting Trump and things will only get worse. He already fantasizes about jailing HRC, Mueller, Comey and Obama. Give him more support and he will act on those fantasies - and then the enraged Democrats will respond in kind.

To avoid this - the kind and benevolent ones have provided a fig leaf.

Take it.

Urge Trump to leave the White House in exchange for a effective end to the treason probes. This will allow him to save face and allow his kids to keep their allowances.

Once Pence has taken office, appoint JEB to the VP slot.

You problems will recede after. It would NOT be a permanent solution to your elect-ability issues (you have brought those on yourself and not even God can fix those problems) - but you will be able to retire in peace.


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