Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Don't worry I am sure he will declare an Emergency next week or the week after or sometime soon.

Like so many people I was disappointed that Trump didn't declare an emergency and just go full Palpatine in his address to the nation yesterday.

This was a political failure on his part. Now people are saying he is just doing these press events to grift for his campaign. Yesterday his campaign sent out emails asking for contributions to help him build his wall but then in the actual address he totally chickened out of declaring an emergency to build the wall.

This is not good PR. This is bad PR - it will damage his support base badly. They will publicly look like major idiots if he can't get this going.  The whole point of the base continuing support to Trump in the face of major hardships like lost jobs, lost healthcare, and tariffs - is that the base is spared the humiliation of having to admit they were wrong about Trump (and everything else).

What he did yesterday basically rubbed their faces in his turds at a time when they already had their mouths open.

That is bad.

He can't keep doing that. I mean his approval rating will plummet even in the polls he routinely rigs.

So he is going to have to reschedule another TV address and then declare an actual emergency and use the emergency powers to kill the Mueller inquiry and pardon all his collaborators in the "collusion - which is not a crime".

And he will also have to anoint Don Jr as his successor as Emperor of the United States because that is what Don Jr expects and he is very close to flipping on Trump with Mueller. Not a day goes by when Don Jr doesn't go to town telling people he expects to be charged with some crime or the other any time soon.

And there is Ivanka and Jared. They will have to be given a kingdom of their own - otherwise they will not be happy with Don Jr's elevation. So maybe after Trump declares himself Emperor of the US, Don Jr. can be made Crown Prince of the United States and Jared and Ivanka can be given the Grand Duchy of New York City as a consolation.

Also we should all look forward to seeing the White House renamed as the Grand Trump Palace and Stephen Miller will be appointed as Grand Vazir of the Holy Trumpen Emperor.

The stars on our flag will be replaced by circles representing Trump's testicles. Each state will get one Trump testicle to incorporate on its flag.

The FBI, CIA and NSA will be renamed the TrumpBI, TrumpIA and the TrumpSA. That way they will be properly loyal to their political masters and of course the Supreme Court will be superseded by Trump Grand Council of Unique Justice.

There is so much to look forward to.

Surely he will declare an emergency soon.


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