Thursday, October 25, 2018

The failed bombing attempts on leading anti-Trump voices.

A quick reference for the geographical spread of these devices is available below

A few notes on the pipe-bombs used in these attempt

1) The bombs appear to be made of a plastic pipe of the kind used in residential plumbing. On some devices where an X-ray has been made available, the end-caps appear to be made of the same material as the pipe.

2) Also from the X-ray, a loosely packed powder appears to have been used in the devices. There is significant granularity in the powder, it is unclear if this is due to clumps in the powder. If it is due to clumps, then quite possibly the bomber did not mix the explosives properly due to knowledge constraints or technology limits.

3) A clock of unknown origin with a 7 Segment LCD has been used to trigger the device. It is possible that an alarm speaker was disconnected and used to run a current to a detonator.

4) In the X-ray provided it seems a heater wire has been used as a detonator. Given the size of the battery visible in the image, it is plausible there is enough current in the battery to drive the heater coil, but it would take time for the coil to heat up to a temperature where the powder reacted.

5) It is not clear why the devices did not go off. Likely causes include

  1. interception before the timer went off, 
  2. incorrectly set alarm feature,
  3. a cheap clock that didn't run as much current to the detonator as expected.
  4. a detonator that didn't get up to temperature,
  5. a powder that was inert due to improper handling.  

6) A masking film is observed on the LCD panel in the device photographed at CNN HQ in NYC.

7) The "ISIS Flag" on the device sent to the CNN office remains unconfirmed at this time. If ISIS is behind this - then I fear it will be worse for Donald Trump because he chose to let hardcore ISIS elements escape with their families in Raqqa. If any ISIS members are operating freely outside Iraq or Syria now - it is ONLY because Trump let their "caravan" go in Raqqa. [see this for details]. The ISIS flag appears to be a part of a RW joke theme.

8) The media is labeling this #MAGABomber which is appropriate given Trump's routine threats of violence at the media. He has been spouting blood libel for the better part of the last two years. And he will not stop even if people are killed.

9) Once that last threshold is crossed (i.e. people are killed on account of Trump's hate speech) - the Media should resort to treating him as they treat any other terrorist. They should stop relaying his exact words or images and ONLY editorialize on his statements in a way that degrades his standing in society. A simple way to do this is to discuss an issue in detail and say that Trump spouted his usual unproductive rhetoric on the issue. This will IMHO shut Trump up forever.


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