Friday, September 28, 2018

Genocidal agenda masquerades as climate fatalism

Trump had the NHTSA put out a statement where they say that the temperature will rise by 7C by 2100 and there is nothing to be done about it.

The WaPo wrote an article collecting views from the academic community about it. John Sterman's views best capture what I feel is going on here.

Using the no-action scenario “is a textbook example of how to lie with statistics,” said MIT Sloan School of Management professor John Sterman. “First, the administration proposes vehicle efficiency policies that would do almost nothing [to fight climate change]. Then [the administration] makes their impact seem even smaller by comparing their proposals to what would happen if the entire world does nothing.”

For all those folks who voted for this guy - this is what your idiotic behavior has brought us.

The man is incompetent at the most basic things, and then he has toadies in the administration cook up bullshit to cover for his failure to get anything done.

He was feeling the pressure of the Russia investigation so he pulled a stunt with the Vehicle Efficiency Standards to appease and distract the idiots that voted for him. 

When the bulk of the global leadership called him out on it in the UN, he had his toadies pull out a report from their ass that makes his decision seem reasonable - but the only way they could do it given the vast amount of hard data was to project that there was an inevitable 7C temperature rise in the works. And that there was nothing we could do about it. 

Most of Trump voters are too stupid to understand that a 7C temperature rise is a Extinction Level Event. Less than 1% of humanity will survive that. 

Naturally the uber rich Trumpers will tell their god fearing idiot friends that this is "Gods Will" and that only those truly deserving will "inherit the Earth" and the Supremacists will tell their Trumper followers to stay put because only poor people of color will be killed in the Climate Holocaust. And these people will do this while they personally jet off to those underground shelters they have dug out in Montana. 

I don't know if the Trumpers that are left behind will get what's happening until its too late.

Bring this up in polite conversation with Trump supporting boomers and you get the "but I am going to die anyway" thread of logic. A suicide cult fails to understand that they might be going to die anyway but the rest of us aren't. 

I have never thought I would see a generation that celebrated killing it own offspring. 

What a fantastically stupid group of people. They will definitely kill us all. 


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