Monday, August 13, 2018

Trump goes on the offensive: Peter Strzok fired.

After wailing constantly for a week about how Agent Peter Strzok was biased against him, Trump was able to get Dy Dir Bowdich to fire him.

It is natural that Trump would want to see some kind of payback - after all the FBI did arrest one of his pocket congressmen, Rep Chris Collins. With the Omarosa breach reaching the public eye, clearly the Trump admin would want to show some kind of victory to its base.

Given the constant pressure mounted by the WH and the Devin Nunes, Gym Jordan and Matt Gaetz crowd in Congress - it is natural something had to give somewhere but the manner in which Dir Bowdich struck down the recommendation of the FBI's own Office of Personal Responsibility and fired Strzok, will naturally serve to focus attention on Dir. Bowdich himself.

It was a mistake on Dir. Bowdich's part to do this as he has now drawn fire on himself.

It was exceedingly cheap for the FBI to dangle Agent Peter Strzok out in the cold and to use him to draw fire away from the main OSC investigation but by firing him in this fashion - i.e. over-ruling the OPR recommendations, the FBI has painted itself into a corner.

Now there is no way to avoid convicting Trump.

While the opinions of random people like us on the internet do not matter, the opinions of Dir Bowdich's fellow FBI agents do matter.

To such fellow agents - being openly seen to collaborate with a hostile foreign intelligence operation like this is *only* acceptable if

1) It is being done to clear the main investigation of all likely sources of suspicion. This way no one will be able to sing the "but they were biased" song again.

2) It is being done as part of a sting operation to lure Trump out into the open. If Trump was stupid enough to reach out directly to Bowdich and personally issue an order to remove Strzok - then this is worthwhile.

My personal guess is that Trump shit the bed when the full ambit of Omarosa's (and others') recordings from SCIFs was spelled out to him. In his f-ed up state - he called the FBI and Bowdich picked up the phone. Trump most likely ranted to him and Bowdich heard the words "Fire Peter Strzok" in there. As this would be a direct order from the President - Bowdich would have no choice but to set aside the OPR recommendations and do exactly what the President asked.

If this is actually what happened - then it is game over for Trump.

The phone call is taped - and it is now automatically material evidence in the obstruction case against Trump.

It will be impossible to cover this up.


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