Monday, July 02, 2018

What he promised to win.

This is what it looks like - it may be wrong - but that's what it looks like from the outside.

He made five promises to powerful groups in exchange for help to be elected and this the only place where his delivery matters.

1) Bibi was told his hold Judea and Samaria would become unquestionable and the Palestinian leaders would be paid off to look the other way. (Not working out as planned)

2) A Prince was told he would become King. (But the Prince can't become King unless he defeats the  Fentanyl dragon. I am open to watching a Bilbo on Smaug action but it seems that the "Deep State" is not interested in crowning a failed former asset as its ruler.)

3) The GOP Swamp Things were told they would get to appoint judges that would prevent them from being jailed for their corruption. (Yeah - seems like they gave themselves a tax cut, and are looting the place blind, but that's not going to work out in the long run. Whatever GOP does to compromise the judges can be repeated by others who seek to hold them accountable).

4) Putin was told the sanctions would end. (Doesn't seem to be really happening, despite the selective implementation of the Sanctions Act passed by Congress last year. Trump keeps begging EU to trade with Russia saying he won't target them with the Sanctions, and EU says they don't believe him. Putin is unhappy and asked Emin to let his unhappiness be known in a music video).

5) Nazis were told their safe spaces would expand.  (Seems to be working out great so far- but looks like they are losing their jobs when they come out into the open, not sure if that's what they were looking forward to).

The rest of the people that actually voted for him were useful idiots who didn't realize they were going to be shafted as they had no leverage.

They genuinely don't count. Sorry Trumpers - he is just not that in to you.


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