Monday, June 11, 2018

Really afraid of what we are eventually going to find out here...

I am sure you have all heard of this piece of news. 

I am beyond shocked. 

For reference  - At Treblinka, when trains filled with Jews would roll in - the SS guards would go to great lengths to calm down the Jews by telling them that this was only a temporary halt where they would be given a change to get cleaned up and rest before continuing their journey onward to their ultimate resettlement in the East. The entire train station was deliberately made up to look like a transit halt with SS personnel operating a fake ticketing station, a fake Red Cross first aid station and even the way to the "bath houses" was lined with tall bushes and trees and made to seem extremely peaceful. 

There were no bath houses - those were gas chambers. After the Jews had stripped down, they were herded into the gas chamber and killed. The entire system was set up to delay the second group of Jews to be slaughtered in such a way that they could not heat the screams of the previous batch as they were murdered. 

I am too old and jaded to believe this cannot happen again. 

Our country has an unfortunate history of horrible stuff happening. 

Here are some examples 

1) MK(ULTRA)/(NAOMI)/(DELTA) - All undertaken with a variety of national security and intelligence objectives, these programs quickly devolved into a series of illegal human experiments where people were treated as medical subjects without informed consent. The worst part of this was that given the scope of these projects and attendant secrecy, there was a proliferation of the projects and oversight became impossible. The infiltration of pedophiles and sex criminals into the program management led to numerous occasions where mentally and physically handicapped people including children were sexually exploited under the guise of government sponsored psychological testing. 

2) Abu Ghraib/Iraq Torture Scandal - Another program started with noble sounding aims of dismantling imminent terrorist attacks, this program again quickly devolved into a "torture and rape for no real reason" affair. The worst known aspect of this came to light during the Abu Ghraib scandal where it turned out the children of detainees were being raped by US interrogators to secure the cooperation of the parents. 

In these past cases, the culprit has always been a metastasis of the program itself and reliance of poorly vetted private partnerships to achieve national security objectives. As the program grows in size, the vetting and oversight fails dramatically. It is a full time job keeping the government free of criminal infiltration, but as the oversight fails - it is just a matter of time before pedophiles and sex criminals infiltrate such setups. 

I am not stupid enough to believe that history is not repeating itself. 

How many good Germans continued to believe that the Jews were merely being resettled? how many accepted their own government's lies only to find out the truth when the liberating armies came? 

I am not that sort of person.

I can't ignore these events, or the fact that the guards at a ICE facility calling the police on a sitting Senator. I can clearly see something is being hidden from us. 

I am afraid of what knowledge lies in store for us in the not too distant future.  


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