Friday, June 08, 2018

Are #backyardbrawl and USAReally activities related?

The Trump operation has demonstrated remarkable ability to link up with RIS activities in the past. Bellingcat has a nice article on the latest IRA activity "USAReally" . Simultaneously there appears to be a separate operation mounted by alumni of the Bundy Ranch/Malheur affair in Tuscon a few weeks ago. This Malheur redux is being boosted via #BackYardBrawl on twitter.

The objective of #BackYardBrawl appears to be to reinforce QAnon spouted memes of  the Democrats, HRC and George Soros being part of a worldwide child trafficking operation. This meme is targeted at shoring up faltering support in Trump's base. Trumper support has been collapsing as the tsunami of evidence of criminal conduct by Trump and family has hit America's psychological shores.

While traditional techniques like dissing the MSM, accusing the FBI of criminal behavior by investigating Trump etc... have failed to shore up the core of the base, weapons grade psyops like QAnon appear to be making a deep impact at manipulating Trump voters.

As I had indicated in earlier posts, Trump base is slowly grasping that apart from doing harm to immigrants, POC and women, Trump will do the greatest damage to them. These is a growing sense of weariness as they are realizing that they will personally pay the price for Trump's reign long after it has ended. This has corroded their enthusiasm quite a bit, and a growing number are looking to check out of the Trump coalition. As these people are easily manipulated by their "feelings" - the likelihood of a mass revolt against Trump in his base is growing. And things will become very difficult once the rubber hits the road with Canadian, Mexican and EU tariffs on US goods kicking in by the end of the month. 

Another sign that Trump's magic isn't working in his base is the low scores racked up by overtly Trump friendly Republicans in the California congressional primaries. Even with gerrymandering working to GOP favor in these places, the lack of financial contribution from core supporters will create huge problems in keeping a unified GOP in the upcoming race in November. With the take down, the battles for internal supremacy will get more brutal and even if GOP holds the seat, the senator or congressman will be hurting for cash badly. One sees the concern over this mirror in utterances of professional GOP brown nosers like Ryan and McConnell. Even they have had to lift their head out of Trump's rear and wonder whether the sun really shines from there.

To stem this bleeding of core support, I feel Trump has turned on all the usual taps.

While the identity of QAnon and the origination of the memes at this time remains mysterious, I wonder the boosting/amplification of QAnon memes on social media is driven by RU based contractors. It would not surprise me if this was actually the case.


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