Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The common enemy is Nazism

I am trying desperately to find a way to stem the bleeding out of the mess in Gaza.

Today Millenarist cults in Israel and the US are in a race to precipitate an Apocalypse from which each believes they *alone* will emerge as the "Chosen" ones. As I have indicated earlier - every Kamikazi pilot, every SBVIED driver in every conflict believes exactly this same shit and being "Chosen" isn't anything like what is advertised.

Israel and Palestine are both victims of the same tragedy. While each may grieve differently - their suffering stems from Nazism and its horrific consequences. When Adolf Hitler and his gang set the Holocaust in motion, they also effectively set in motion the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Recall the Hawara agreement which sought to "repatriate" German and European Jews to Israel in exchange for the Reich seizing the property? - given the existence of heightened levels of anti-Jewish sentiments in Islamic lands - IMHO the Nazi intention there was to effectively ghettotize the Jews in Israel itself so that they would present a compact target for extermination with advanced weapons at a later date.

I do not believe Nazism died out in 1945. I feel it lived on - hiding itself in other forms of right wing extremism. We are seeing its re-emergence in various contexts and as we are so tuned to seeing it in only one form - with Hugo Boss fashions - we are missing how it is oozing out of the woodwork.

Exacerbation of conflict between Israel and Palestinians is very much part of a Nazi agenda. The Nazi agenda always had backers in both the extremist fringe in Christian and Islamic lands which sought to liberate Jerusalem of the Jews. It would not surprise me in the least if the Nazi fraction of Trump's political spectrum see the move of the embassy as a technical affair aimed at sparking a long conflict that is fatal to Israel and the Palestinians.

Given Israel's technological powers, it is difficult to see how a disorganized Palestinian mob could overwhelm it. However it is easy to see how the minds of Israelis could be turned towards Nazi visions of humanity - how ordinary Israelis could be made to think of the Palestinians as sub-human vermin. It is also very easy to stoke Nazi ideas of exterminating Jews in minds of Palestinians when their beloved Jerusalem is taken from them.

By amplifying the sense of alert in Israel that exists over the possibility of an Iranian nuclear strike on its coastal cities, a concurrent Intifada in the Occupied Territories (yes there are still that legally) - one could easily lure the IDF into a scenario where it commits a genocide. This will be the biggest victory for Nazism.

There are always evil people of the Rumkowski variety - and we can debate who the current Israeli leadership are really like but I can guarantee you that the same Trump supporting Evangelicals celebrating the move of the embassy will turn on Israel. It is no accident that Jeffress was asked to lead the prayer consecrating the Embassy.

Is there any way that the sane people left in Tel Aviv can reach out to the sane people in WB or Gaza and reach a meaningful agreement on limiting escalation? 


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