Monday, May 21, 2018

Trump's people are turning on him

Like more rich and stupid people, Trump has surrounded himself with people that agree with whatever he says.

These enablers are not what I would call "good people" - as they are into Trump only because so far he has helped them get rich off all sorts of shady stuff.

I think these people are slowly realizing that supporting Trump's bid for President was a bad idea - as the scrutiny his organization came under was too intense. The FBI for its part picked up that a bunch of Trump guys were in bed with Russia and they were going around making promises to end sanctions in exchange for support during the election. When the FBI's guys went and poked around "Motel Trump", they found it was full of roaches.

Now the roaches are making a run for it.

As most of his close allies are realizing that the FBI has sunk claws deep into this investigation, they are jettisoning Trump and turning witness for the state. The public exposure of the UAE, KSA, Qatari and Israeli financial channels has rattled Trump's friends. The public knowledge of Cambridge Analytica, Wikileaks-RIS ops and the Israeli Black Cube "private intelligence agency" role in Trump's election is making it hard to associate with Trump's platform for too long.

Trump knows this too well.

That is what prompted the yesterday's tweet storm.

Trump knows that even if he promises people like Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump a presidential pardon, it will be difficult for him to actually arrange that in the face of public exposure. Once OSC Mueller starts nibbling away at the lower players - they will all give up the next person up in the chain in order to secure a sense of immunity from prosecution. If nothing else they will blame their own actions / lack thereof on the guy above them.

This will eventually limit Trump's ability to negotiate anything more than a jail-free departure from the Presidency. The ability to protect loyalists will decline precipitously and that in turn will provoke all manner of blowback. It will be very difficult for brand "Trump" to survive this situation.

And then there is the anger of the betrayed Trumper - the MAGA moron who nuzzles his AR-15 to bed each night. How badly will he feel to be betrayed like this? and what will he do?

Unless Trump is able to discredit the Mueller investigation - there is no way he can hope to stay out of jail.  His own kids will shop him out if they are put in a position where they have to decide between him and their own welfare.


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