Monday, June 11, 2018

Looking past the Blue Wave/Red Dawn nonsense.

With the onset of 2018 elections, people are getting excited about what will happen. Some believe that the Democrats will sweep in to Congress and Senate and impeach Trump. Others believe that the Democratic Party will be routed in a Red Dawn and the "Trump of A Thousand Years" will be inaugurated and the USA will officially be renamed the T.U.S.A etc.. etc...

Both views appear ridiculous to me. I have been wrong before, I didn't actually believe US voters would be stupid enough to elect Trump so bear with me as I share my idiotic thoughts on the issue.

The Democrats are justifiably rattled by the Trump phenomenon. It isn't just Trump's malignant personality that worries them. Yes - that is a problem - but it is a separate problem from the Trumpers themselves. The ability of the Trumpers to deflect blame for own actions on to others and to ruthlessly mirror Trump's malignancy is equally worrying.

Most Trumpers are open about their malignant thought process.

  • The "Family Farm" Trumper admits that they only supported Trump because he talked about removing the Estate Tax. 
  • The "Coal Miner" Trumper talks about how they voted for Trump because he said he "digs coal" (who cares what happens to the planet). 
  • The "Supermacist" Trumper openly admits that they only voted for Trump cause he was going to make it okay to kill POC and Mexicans. 
  • The "Misogynist" Trumper plainly says that they voted for Trump cause HRC was a woman and Trump was man. 
  • The "Pedophile" Trumper says they voted for Trump cause they think he would make it easier for them to rape "fucktoys" without consequence (Nathan Larson
  • The "I am Stupid" Trumper says they voted for Trump cause they are stupid and proud of it... 
  • The "Guns" Trumper says they voted for Trump cause he was going to let them by 50Cals to take to Church or Schools and shoot up "Libruls".
With such a large percentage of the population showing overt signs of dementia - one has keep  to keep a more open strategy that embraces the following outcomes 

0) That regardless of whether there is  Red Dawn or Blue Wave, the economy will collapse under the weight of Trump's incompetence. And there is no way to dodge that bullet. Trump ofcourse will characteristically try to shrug off responsibility for the carnage by blaming it on the Democrats and Globalists but all his Trumpers will be the hardest hit by his mismanagement. And as always they will constantly look to outsource blame for "The Great Collapse" on others. 

1) That when Trump visibly fails - Trumpers will lash out and launch pogroms against vulnerable people. The most likely targets here will be Trumper women and children who will be assaulted and killed by Trumper men who feel let down. POC/Religious/Sexual minorities will be second in line and so on. 

2) That even after the Great Collapse - Trumper dregs will cling to the idea that Trump was stabbed in the back by the "Swamp"/"Establishment"/"Democrats" etc...

This is a difficult framework to proceed under for any party but at least the GOP can simply move to Russia with all the money they have robbed from the US Treasury, the Democrats unfortunately will never get Russian visas and will have to stay here and clean up this mess, while their GOP/Trumpist colleagues live it up with cheap whores, cocaine and lap up the beach at Cape Idokopas. 
It seems to me that GOP strategy is pretty clear at this point - burn it all. 

Democratic Party strategy has to be more nuanced. JMHO. 


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