Thursday, June 28, 2018

Pressure builds within the Democratic Party for radical action

It has been widely noted that there GOP does not intend to offer any real resistance to Donald Trump as it believes that between the gerrymandering, race baiting and anti-GOTV operations that they can run with Donald Trump and Russian support - there is no way it can lose the upcoming elections. Even in the limit where there is a massive public tilt away from the GOP, the GOPers themselves will pocket a significant chunk of cash and be protected by armies of lawyers against accountability for their actions. This is the "Red Wave" phenomenon that Trump keeps tweeting about and Russian bots keep amplifying.

This may actually be true, though not everyone (even Republican) agrees with it.

The Democrats (especially the older and established ones) are under a great deal of pressure to do more. A lot of people attribute Donald Trump's "victory" to the inability of the Democratic party leadership to inspire confidence in younger radical voters.  The argument made is that while Sanders was a Democratic version of Donald Trump, his message resonated with young voters who felt drawn to the vision of radical change.

Whether the GOP likes it or not, the Democratic Party may be forced to take a page out of the GOP's book. Essentially repeat the GOP's Tea Partyism and McConnellism - clearly they have been shown to work in the past - so there is at least that going for them.

The victory of   Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is indicative of the rising tension within the Democratic Party.

Trump seems to see this as a signal that the Democratic establishment will become more malleable to his point of view. But as with all things Trump - this is most likely a case of him trying to find solace in a world that increasingly seems to make him inconsolable. With conviction by Mueller seeming increasingly likely - it is difficult to see how Trump won't jump at any random indicator of victory.

It is possible that the RIS would be able to run an interference operation in the Democratic Party - clearly the DNC leaks were effective back in the day at polarizing the Bernie Bros, but the corrosive nature of even indirectly supporting Trump will soon become obvious as the US economy reels under the twin blows of cutting access to cheap illegal Mexican labor and imposition of counter tariffs.

In other news Emin Algarov* has a made a catchy music video, You Got Me Good.

I will hand it to you KGB boys - you definitely have balls! but it seems to me that Putin has told Trump to either end sanctions or end his presidency or both...

What else can one read into the words,

"The things that you told me, Made it so hard to read your mind."


that last scene with the poker table with Trump, HRC, Stormy Daniels and Emin (representing Putin)?

I don't understand what you are doing, but hopefully Trumpers are ready for when Julian Assange drops the dime on Trump. It is going to look very bad coming a month before the 2018 elections. 

Also are you absolutely certain that your nuclear missile forces are at a sustainably high level of alert? because we all know unless you can launch all your nuclear missiles at once, there is no hope of you prevailing against the BMD system.

And are you planning to plant nuclear device along the cables that carry the vital signals between the US nuclear command networks? Is that why your research ships and diplomatic envoys keep getting so close to the buried cables? 

* Emin is Trump's partner in all his "no business" in Russia. His dad is a Jefe in the Putin Cartel. Putin can't survive in Moscow for much longer unless he can get the sanctions lifted at least a teensy bit. 


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