Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Baffled by Secy Kristjen Nielsen

I am baffled by Kristjen Nielsen's behavior.

She came highly recommended by the Bush Administration and she had positive reviews even among Obama era Nat Sec officials.

Why is she behaving like this?

Trump is clearly proud of his policy. Sessions and Miller can't stop masturbating in public and Bannon's busy on every TV channel telling his Old Racist White Male supporters what an awesome job he has done delivering on their repressed desire to kill brown children.

There is a long US history of taking children from POC, Native Americans, Asians, the indigent and mentally handicapped etc.... from their parents and slaughtering them for sport.

All manner of justifications are concocted for this and every effort was made at the time to hide the full impact of what was being done from the public. (c.f. Carlisle Indian School, Tennessee Children's Home Society, Japanese child separation during internment, just about anything related to Charles Davenport, and so on.)

So why would a person so highly recommended, deny evidence that is plainly staring everyone in the face?

Why gaslight like this?

What is the point of doing this?

She has now put her own department in a horribly compromised position.

This makes the department more vulnerable to infiltration by hostile forces and subversion.

What possible gain could come from that?

By acting like the entire program that Trump initiated doesn't exist - she has created a legal vacuum in which anything goes and the agents in the field have NO reasonable expectation of official sanction.

This is the strategic equivalent of taking an axe to ones own head. It is madness.

In this climate when stories of abuses leak out - she will be forced to use Nat Sec sedition laws to achieve any measurable information control.

And that will not stop anything - when eventually it all comes out, the entire thing will be blamed on her. Not on Trump. People will say she failed to recognize the abuses and failures and guide the department in its hour of need. They will say the leadership failed the staff.

This doesn't make any sense.


At 9:49 AM, Blogger Ralphy said...

yes pay no attention to those classrooms, video games and three hot meals plus snacks every day.......were going to put them in cattle cars and ship them to gas ovens were we will make into fertilizer! yeah, we are nazis........we will exterminate them.......growl.......

At 4:25 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Are you trying to make a joke?


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