Monday, July 09, 2018

The Upcoming US Surrender at Helsinki

Trump and GOP seem to plan to completely surrender US interests to Putin in Helsinki.

Based on the thread of conversations, it seems Trump will go to any lengths to appease his owner Putin and the GOP will go to any lengths to polish turds coming out of Trump's rear - so literally anything is possible.

The NYT has a piece about a Trump brokered peace between Bibi and Putin in Syria. In exchange for a reduction of RuAF interference in IDFAF operations, Bibi agreed to leave Assad in place and promise not to kill any Russians on the ground if they can help it. This IMHO is a net loss for Bibi, as IDF now has to jump whenever Putin wants it to - but Bibi is too caught up in looking like a success to get it.

Trump for his part has agreed to withdraw US troops in the region and reverse the US policy to remove Assad.  As the Assad-Putin relationship is a bellwether for Putin's personalized foreign policy - the decision to step away from unseating Assad is a very big deal for Putin's foreign policy. If the US remained committed to unseat Assad, Putin's allies would feel the risk US opposition and keep a safer distance from Putin. Now there is little chance of that. So that is a win for Putin.

Apart from this - there is the rising pressure on NATO. Trump basically wants to chop it up and sell it piece by piece to Putin. I would not be surprised if he pulls out of NATO or withdraws the Iron Brigade and the Norway Brigade.

Quite frankly I would not be too shocked if Trump delays the deployment of US countermeasures when Putin launches his much awaited first strike.

The GOP for its part has bathed itself in Putin's piss in Moscow last week. The tone of the GOP's pronouncements in Moscow are so completely in line with the Putinist vision of the World Order that one wonders if the GOP leadership will be moving to Moscwo soon to finalize the integration of the America Oblast of Russia!

Meetings without interpreters or staff present, vague public posturing, false claims in public statements and limitless gaslighting - with these policies forming the cornerstone of the Trump agency (And it is just that - an agency - a Sluzhba) - there is no limit to what can be said or promised to Russia or how many American lives will be lost delivering on those aims.

As the "fantastic success" (as in it is fucking fantastic that even Trump thinks of this as a success) of the Kim-Trump Singapore Meeting indicates - there is no limit to what "records" Trump will attempt to break at Helsinki. 


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