Tuesday, July 03, 2018

What Trumpers really mean when they talk of a globalist cabal ruling the Deep State.

A lot of you have probably come across Trumpers who claim that a globalist cabal is controlling the Deep State and working to undermine Americans as a whole. The verbiage of this claim has its roots in a web of conspiracy websites - and this stuff has been slowly injected into the brains of Trumpers over a decade via Reddit and 4Chan.

Most of the Trumpers you will come across have no fucking clue what they are talking about. They are idiots - and nothing you say to them will change that. It is best to leave them in their evacuated state of mind. Even if you try to teach them something, one visit to a Trump rally - and all of it will be gone replaced by cries of "Seig Heil". Trump's tariffs and the attendant collapse of social security and medicare will physically exterminate this group of people. And no surprises - they will see "Death by Trump" as a blessing*.

While it is impossible to distinguish between such blood libel against the USIC and a garden variety agitprop operation launched by the RIS, it is important to note that a substantial fraction of this narrative comes from former NSC operators that emerged in the public eye after the Iran Contra affair.

This is old poison, I came across it two decades ago, but it is still quite potent. I mistakenly assumed that it was a Clintonite formulation aimed at destabilizing Bush era controls in the IC, but it seems to have had a life of its own.

The re-dubbed version of this old venom is that Trump is fighting a globalist cabal of child molesting evil doers led by an AI (see how that part slipped in). And Trump is going to fix all these problems  And curiously enough proposals are floating around pushed by Erik Prince's allies in the White House for turning the NSC into a de-facto and illegal intelligence agency [1].

Most of you probably remember Prince as a flashy IC operator with a flair for self-aggrandizing but failed "wet work" - but he was actually once seen as a competent person and viewed with considerable hope. He was seen as the logical successor to the traditional kings of the IC Underworld. I do not know what he precisely did to earn this support, but many in the IC had a very positive view of him. Perhaps they were all worried who would lead the community in the years ahead and he looked like someone that had done it before, but they liked him back there. It could be that they were faking it - but it didn't seem so a decade or so ago. 

Then it all went south. Some say the fame went to his head. Others say he became sloppy because he bit off more than he could chew. Either ways - he fell out of favor. The collateral associated with his actions was deemed too high. Several high profile court cases later - he and his operation was practically disavowed. Needless to say he didn't like it - and it is rumored he developed a somewhat personal dislike of DCIA Leon Panetta and his boss President Barack Obama. He ended up scraping a living in buttholes of the world.

This kind of thing is NOT novel. Very briefly - periodically the intelligence community of every nation on earth spawns a spare arm to do things it cannot be seen to do. When the job is done, the arm is cut off. That is the unspoken, unwritten law of the intelligence world and if you sign up for the job - you sign up for either being the arm that is cut off or the one that cuts it off. It is literally in your contract and the oath you take when you join.

Prince does not seem to have liked the cutting off process. His demeanor suggests he feels he has been denied what was due. Perhaps he believed he was more than asset, that he was a valued employee and he should have been given a better severance. I don't know - such feelings would be natural. No one likes to be treated in this fashion. Though curiously Prince of all people can't claim he didn't know this was coming - I mean - he is was literally using the same routine with various US contractors in his organization.

It appears to me that Trump has promised to crown Erik Prince as the King of the Deep State. And I think as with all promises that Trump makes - there is no sincerity there - it is just something he has to say to get his way at that moment. There is no framework to manage his collapsing debt - so he just keeps rolling it over on to the next desperate chump he finds in the trash bin below him.

Trump doesn't get to appoint anyone King like that - I don't think that is how it works. That position is earned through sustained engagement within the system. You can't be an outsider and expect to be treated as an insider at the same time. The real struggle of any IC is to produce actionable intelligence with vanishing overheads - NOT to kill random people. Most ICs studiously avoid making a habit of killing - it is very hard to break that habit.

The biggest challenge before the IC remains handling the data it collects properly.We are not in a world where people are unwilling to part with information - they readily post everything on the internet and we have to sort through it and find true information. All this hammer and saw work is a little dated. And frankly I don't see a way to process this much data without AIs (so now you see the link back to the latest Trump legend?). Again I understand AIs have their limits and we need to have a human validation to make sure there is accuracy. I also understand the role that provocations could play in such a validation (i.e. fake data/test data), but I feel like experience in murder for hire, sexual exploitation, extortion etc... is all very well - but somehow it doesn't seem relevant right now.

The lack of relevant experience never stops someone from aspiring to be King. From the perspective of the IC, everyone who openly espouses such thoughts is a lunatic because who in their right mind would want such responsibility? Also if it is a disgraced former employee then it is reasonable to assume that this desire is more an expression of spite. So again that doesn't work in Prince's favor.

I am not a part of the traditional setup - so I can afford to be open minded. I am reluctant to award/deny opportunity to anyone based on their past alone**.

A simple test for me would be if those who wish to see themselves as Kings is do you have a real solution to the problem of Fentanyl abuse.

The Kings of old tamed the twin demons of Heroin and Cocaine. These raging rivers of sorrow were brought to heel under their guardianship.

Is there someone who will slay the Fentanyl Dragon?

Or will knights in shining armor only tilt at "immigration" and "ISIS" windmills?

* They practically eat his turds for breakfast and drink his piss like it is morning coffee. If the Russians release the Pee tape via Assange. Trumpers will line up at the hotel in Russia to lick sloppy seconds off the floor of the room in which the video was made.

** I am a Brahmin (the Indian equivalent of America's White Men) and we have a very dark history of denying people stuff based on birth and awarding it to incompetents based on birth. I can't possibly be part of any such schemes.


At 2:57 PM, Blogger Ralphy said...

you really need to get a grip, guy. you're getting way out there.

At 4:44 AM, Blogger maverick said...

At least I don't believe that the child separations are fake.

At 6:08 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Or tell people that I am in DC watching fireworks while I am chilling with Putin in Moscow.

Yeah - it is that bad.

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Ralphy said...

you are aware that the so called press corps follows trump everywhere he goes? its so bad that recently melania, his current wife, had to check into walter reed hospital by herself for some medical treatment. trump didn't go with her because he didn't want to bring the press corps with him.

so trump was at the white house on the fourth along with the press corps not with putin. there are no secrets.......just eventually leaks to a press buddy or a f..k pal .......

At 12:07 PM, Blogger maverick said...

GOP senators were in Russia and tweeted to make it look like they were in DC on the 4th.

The press is doing its job.

Re-Melania-in-hospital - a guy who sleeps around as much as Trump does doesn't really care what happens to his wife. You want to believe that bs about him not wanting the press coverage you go ahead. This dude can't get enough of the press.

And the Helsinki summit will tell us what our local Assad clone will do for Putin. If the surrender Monkey says withdraws the Norway Bde or the Iron Bde in the Suwalki gap - you'll have to find new ways of dismissing it as fake news.

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Ralphy said...

and teresa okomu, a immigrant from the congo, climbs the statue of liberty like it is her personal coconut tree......are you planning something in boston?.....grin......hope you're not going to lay on a bed of nails on the boston common or something..... ;-))

At 7:15 AM, Blogger maverick said...

So her climbing the Statue put a dampener on the Trumper plan to rape, gas and stuff into ovens the forcibly separated children? - you know the ones you claim don't exist.

Quick question - will you be doing the raping, gassing and oven stuffing yourself or will you have to hire an illegal Mexican to do it while you sip beer nearby and wave the flag and talk about how this is all MAGA?


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