Monday, July 30, 2018

Day N of the Trump imbecility

We grow with each passing moment of how stupid we are as a nation. Take a look at this latest discovery...

I can no longer sympathize with Trumpers who claim that they are concerned about loss of US jobs to outsourcing. I mean you fucking outsourced the rigging of the election to Indians and Russians! How fucking entitled and lazy is that? you can't even rig your own damn election!

I continue to worry about the situation vis-a-vis Iran. 

All it takes to sanction a IDFAF strike on Ishfahan or Fordow is releasing a set of NATO IFF codes. With these codes, a Ha'patishim strike package could refuel from USAF tankers and make it's way and back*. The raid would achieve nothing of military value and provoke the Iranians into a vicious response. 

I expect the Iranian response to be a scorched earth strategy which aims to break Israel's strategic LoCs - the tanker line to Ashkelon from Ceyhan and from Yanbu/Jeddah. 

This will set the stage for a major theater conflict in the Middle East. 

This is a war no one is prepared for, I don't know who Bibi is kidding with his BS. 

This is the stupidest version of dare I have seen in a long time since Saddam lobbed Scuds at Israel. That was an idiotic and worthless move on his part which gained him nothing. Bibi seems intent on repeating Saddam's mistakes and over-extending Israel's strategic commitments.

I confess I have never been a big fan of Bibi [1].

On the face of it - this man has everything you would look for in a leader but I don't think he can frame solvable problems - i.e. problems that can be solved in finite resources without going way over ones' head in debt. 

Only someone with Yitzhak Rabin's caliber can clean up the mess Bibi has made. I worry even Ehud Barak can't fix this now.

And naturally - I don't think this planned invasion of Gaza makes any sense. It is going to chew up IDF reserves that might be needed in a conflict with Iran. 

And yes - the tweeting frequency is a good gauge of how unsettled Trump is. After all he is one subpeona away from ending it all.

* There would be no need to risk deploying the Nevatim based assets, no need for added security flight around the refueling a/c so on. 


At 12:10 PM, Blogger quantum chaos said...

Indians rigging US elections is a bit far fetched no?

At 10:26 AM, Blogger maverick said...

If you want to run a website for cheap - Indians and Russians are your best bet. Anywhere else charges more and asks too many questions.


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