Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How far will Putin go to protect his asset in the WH?

This is turning into a bit of a head scratcher for me.

Putin's basic interest remains his ability of move his "wealth" (IMHO illegally collected from the Russian people) around the world without any obstructions.  To that end he seduced the RIS to support his operation to place Trump in the WH.

The logic appears to have been that with the Global Policeman in Putin's payroll, there would be no one to stand in the way of Putin's actions.

But this scheme (worthy of a Batman movie script) seems to have a fatal flaw in it. Like all these super villain schemes to become the law in Gotham City - there is no real plan for the aftermath.

When thieves take over a country and  loot the treasury - they simply saddle themselves with the debt of that country. It looks like wealth for a while but then the slow realization that debt and wealth are two faces of the same coin begins to dawn. It is this moment of dawning comprehension that starts a kind of civil war between thieves. The ones that get it first try to fob off the debts on to the ones that haven't yet got it and in the process a civil war is started. They say there is honor among thieves but that is not actually true.

From the groups that are running point on the defence of Brett Kavanaugh and the sudden manner in which Judge Kavanaugh's debts are erased - and supporters magically appear even before his accuser has a chance to make a press conference on her claims... well let's just say it is all very choreographed.

But this seems like a lot of work to go.

Are the gains really worth that much? from the endless whining about "Sanctions" it doesn't seem so.

So much longer will this support continue?


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