Monday, August 27, 2018

US-Mexico deal on NAFTA

Yeah - so Fox is going to town with how US and Mexico are poised to make a deal on NAFTA and that somehow Lighthizer has made this awesome deal go down. Everything is hush hush because it is sooooo awessssooommme. Yeah bullshit!

The press corps is doing the jaded flag waving thing that it is usually expected to do at this point.

I am not a member of the press corps so I don't have do that stuff. I can say it like it is - call a spade a spade etc...

There is NO DEAL to be had here.

This is the usual Trumpian BS of spreading hype to cover a non deal.

US Soy Ag is in the shitter thanks to Trump's failed tariff ideas.

US Corn Ag is heading down the tubes creating unacceptable pressures in the run up to Nov 2016 elections. The entire GOP scam centers on shaking down conservative voters with fears of a Blue Wave and if the wave presents (defeating RIS/GOP backed election rigging) to check out of the political system with huge offshore bank balances. (Apparently GOPers are stupid enough to believe that this is something they an get away with - but they don't make smart criminals so....)

With anger over Trump's failed tariffs growing - it is harder to shake down the midwest if the major economic center pieces of the region - i.e. the corn and soy farmers are upset with you. Not only did Trump not give them the estate tax break they were looking for - he shafted them with his poorly planned tariffs. Sonny Perdue's little $14B relief tranche isn't going to do jack for these people and stupid as they - they are still smart enough to see their economic collapse looming.

With the sheep being led to the slaughter getting antsy - Trump and the GOP have to squeeze out a new turd for the media to shine up so that the gullible idiots in the conservative spectrum swallow it.

This Mexican negotiation is the next thing. Mexican lawmakers decided to respond to Trump's tariffs by passing laws that mandated purchase of corn from non-US sources. Now Trump will basically negotiate a temporary pause on that government backed economic shift.

There is no framework in which this makes sense in any time frame.

Once the paid media are done with their flag waving - someone with half a brain cell will point that out.

This is at best temporary relief.

There is no wider framework for a NAFTA restoration.

Lighthizer was always completely clueless and totally full of crap - and this changes nothing.

At some point GOP voters will realize that China, Mexico and Canada are effectively paying for their IRAs, Medicare and Social Security - but until then GOP + Trump will be putting the "Con" in Conservative.

Will be waiting patiently for this shit-show to erupt.


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