Wednesday, October 03, 2018

DJIA is being primed again as November approaches.

Looks like the 100ish-Millionaire and 1ish-Billionaire club that constitutes the GOP is getting antsy as the election approaches.

The DJIA is being primed for a big sell off.

The biggest signature of this kind of thing is the sudden jumps (so called "discontinuities") in the index price. We saw one on Oct 1 - doubtlessly there will be more as November approaches.

Another flag for this is a relatively low increase in real revenue (i.e. revenue growth v/s inflation) of these corporations whose valuations have suddenly jumped to One Trilllllllllllllion DOLLAARS!!! (LOL... yeah that'll work out real well I am sure)

But seriously - getting off this kind of cliff without breaking own neck is a tricky business.

You kind of have to know ahead of time when to sell your portfolio.

Also there is the details of the priming mechanism, which IMHO is really a kind of "wash trade". To do this right - you have to shut off the washing mechanism at the exact time that you jump out of your portfolio - otherwise you will be buying over-valued shares at a time that the prices start to plunge.

With Mick Mulvaney hogtying the CFPB  in his basement and raping it every day - there is little to no risk of actually being caught here - so the average GOPer can be rest assured that unless they do something very very stupid or have massive unfunded liabilities (like IDK - women/children you actually raped that will suddenly come forward and implicate you in criminal acts) - they should be able to ride this out to the bank.

The average GOP will have the grand satisfaction of knowing they voted in people who looted their social security and medicare and IRAs and raped god-knows how many kids and women and destroyed the lives of their own grandchildren... but that is a joy most of us will escape - thankfully. Yay GOP!!!  MAGA!!! - so much winning.

At some point the GOPer handmaidens - you know the little guys - the staff members of the GOP Congressman and Senator will realize that their employers expect them to march solidly off the cliff while the Congressman and Senator suddenly stands aside - but c'mon that should come as no surprise. There is 10x more of you feudal slaves where the GOP Congressman/Senator comes from.

So much awesomeness - soooo much winning.


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