Monday, January 07, 2019

Trump's desire for "Emergency Powers"

Apparently the White House Counsel is attempting to determine if it is possible to give Trump the "Emergency Powers" he desires at this time. Handing over these powers is being justified by projecting the "border crises" due to "illegal immigrants bringing drugs" etc... etc....

Obviously this is a ruse to seize control of powers to suspend Congress and the Senate and rule by decree. Quite obviously the main aim is to shut down the Mueller inquiry and prevent the Congressional committees from issuing arrest warrants for perjury. 

And again quite naturally the socially dominant castes in the US are supportive of this idea as they fear the political rise of vengeful under-castes. 

Will Trump's attempt at declaring himself emperor succeed? Yes it will.

Why? - because the dominant caste males are too embarrassed to admit they fucked up with Trump. They will go to great lengths to avoid having to face that failure. So they will support his assumption of extraordinary powers in the hope that he will use those powers to physically eliminate their enemies. (C.f Q Anon ideas about mass arrests etc...)

Will it work? Will this create enough momentum to allow the dominant social castes to retain power? 

Difficult to say - the central problem is debt. This dominant social group is trying to skive off old debts that is where this sudden desire to set aside three hundred years of work is coming from. 

Unfortunately debts can only be wiped out by death. Not by seizing power and tearing up the paperwork. 

Let's gather around and watch the death of the World's Greatest Democracy. 

Watch as the United States is finally reduced to the Amerikka Oblast of the Russian Union. 


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