Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I think Trump is trying to leverage the DC Circuit court to deflect Mueller's subpeona.

Politico has an article stating that it looks like OSC Meuller has actually subpeonaed Trump.

A sealed grand jury was initiated on the day after Giuliani spoke publicly of his memo to squash a subpeona from Mueller asking Trump to testify before  grand jury.  It seem this case was contested by the unnamed witness and the entire matter ended up in front of the DC Circuit court.  The witness made a request for the entire DC Circuit court and Trump's only appointee on the court recused himself.

As of now

"On October 10, the day the case returned to the court, the parties filed a motion for expedited handling, and within two days, the judges had granted their motion and set an accelerated briefing schedule. The witness was given just 11 days to file briefs; the special counsel (presumably) just two weeks to respond; and reply papers one week later, on November 14 (for those paying attention, that’s 8 days after the midterm elections). Oral arguments are set for December 14."

Less than a week ago, we saw reports of Trump interviewing judges for the DC Circuit court.

Axios had an article on that but it was very sparse on details.

A lot of other names are floating up - most sourced from "people close to Trump" (you know like "John Barron" etc...).

Again - one can't say reliably that Trump has been subpeonaed but it sure looks that way from the manner in which he is tinkering with DC Circuit court.


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