Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Daily Donald 5/10/2017

I thought I would give it a day or two to let the Sally Yates testimony sink in. And it was worth the wait.

As everyone has heard by now Trump fired Dir. Comey. And Federal prosecutors issued grand jury subpoenas for a case involving Micheal Flynn's Russian ties. As Flynn was an unregistered foreign agent while serving as Trump's NSA, the case directly impinges on Trump's survival as president. The Yates testimony nailed Trump's hide. Even if Trump throws McGahn (of the WH-OLC) under the bus, there is no way to escape responsibility for l'affaire Flynn. And with that comes the inevitable exposure of Trump's vast links to the RIS/Putin and its conflict capital business. By striking at Comey, Trump has attempted to buy himself a little time. Unless he can back this up by physically eliminating witnesses and destroying evidence, he has just ended up strengthening the case against him.

I remain skeptical as to whether the GOP will actually do anything at all in this regard. I anticipate that the GOPers will make a little noise or keep very quiet. They will do whatever possible to sidestep the issue and hope that it all goes away until some other piece of sensationalism takes root in the public imagination. The  Democrats as always will make noise in the Senate and House and that will be the end of their role. After bleating loudly for an "Independent Investigation" etc. etc... the matter will die a natural death at the hands of our national stupidity epidemic.

Comey will be replaced by a Trump friendly face. Who will be replaced by another face in a few months as Trump realizes he doesn't have the money to buy the loyalty of people who have immense leverage over him. The independent commission will eventually emerge perhaps after 2018 if at all. Until then this political theater will continue. I will make it a point to ask Putin who he intends to make head of the FBI, and if he answers me on Twitter, I will let you know ASAP.

Spicer's been hiding behind bushes to dodge questions about why Trump did this. And Sessions violated his own pledge to recuse himself  from the Trump Russia investigation. This puts Sessions in the cross hairs. Trump apparently is quite enraged by the coverage of the Trump Russia investigation, by firing Comey he has made sure it remains firmly in the news as he has his meeting with Sergei Lavrov today. I wonder if his own staff believe he is not a Russian spy at this point.

The Democrats appear to be having fun. They never like Comey because of the whole letter thing that he pulled on HRC during the campaign. I think they are happy to see Comey go, but they fear that a Trump friendly replacement might end up taking the focus off #TrumpRussia. Can't say I disagree with that but I don't think Comey can be faulted for writing his letter to Jason  Chaffetz on the HRC investigation. If anyone needs to be held to account for that it is Congressman Chaffetz who leaked that confidential letter.

There are more developments on the economic front that can wait for now. Just watch the DJIA - it tells its own story. Watch for a sudden drop - those subpoenas are known to many on Wall Street and we will see that effect in DJIA at some point this week. The street was salivating at the prospect of Dodd-Frank restrictions being lifted. That should fill ordinary investors with dread as whenever you deregulate the market, people go hog-wild and create a massive bubble that crashes and leaves ordinary people very very poor but Trumpers are idiots. I can't help but wonder how many Trumpers realized that when they hoped Trump would burn everything down - they would be the tinder he would use. I can't say I sympathize with idiots.

I once again humbly submit my opinion in this matter - *This has gone on too long*. I understand that Trump's sole purpose is to first rally and then crash the market. I get what this is necessary but I remind you all that if Trump is a RIS agent (which there seems to be plenty of evidence pointing to) - he might disable the US nuclear deterrent and leave the US unable to carry out a first strike against Russia or launch a retaliatory strike against a Russian sudden attack. This is an unacceptable breach of US national security. We cannot afford such a high liability at the top echelons of the USG  - why take chances like this? 


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