Monday, May 08, 2017

The Daily Donald 5/8/2017

Two major developments over the weekend.

Firstly - the French election saw the defeat of Marine Le Pen. Le Pen was supported extensively by Donald Trump in public and by his internet troll army. This was a major fail for them. To make matters worse, Wikileaks stepped in to share a cache of leaked emails from Le Pen's opponent Macron on Friday before France's 48 hour election publicity ban went into place. This fell flat also. Trump supporter Jack Posobiec tried very hard to get the hacked emails to trend, but as numerous fakes were found embedded in the cache, the credibility of those emails was suspect. It turned out that Macron's IT team had deliberately responded to RIS backed phishing schemes and planted garbage emails into their flow in anticipation of a major "leak" prior to the election. This goes to show how sensible security measures can defeat RIS backed electoral interference. Trump troll army looks pretty stupid right now, this is a very big change from the look they have been sporting for the last two years. Not sure  if the change in fashion agrees with them.

Secondly - the GOP led Congress is now taking steps to gut the Dodd Frank act. The Trump Admin had long indicated that it didn't like the act and wanted to see all regulation of the banking industry disappear. This ties well with RIS needs, the RIS basically wants to withdraw ~ $1Tn from Wall Street and it wants to do so without too much hassle. With a deregulated banking system, banks will be able to move money without any serious oversight and you can bet that the RIS will find ways of using that to its own advantage. It seems all too easy - but you really can't keep putting off the RIS. The only question now is which big bank will take the fall for this madness.

Though not strictly part of the Daily Trump agenda, it seems President Putin stopped by to chat up his old boss in the KGB, Lazar Mateev. Like so many old spies in Russia, Mateev appears to live in a modest apartment across from the Higher Command School in a Moscow suburb, a far cry from his financially successful subordinate. It is interesting to see this meeting projected so intensely in the usual places. I think it speaks to a desire on President Putin's part to remind people of his roots as a KGB political intelligence officer. I suspect Putin's failure to influence in the French election is making some of the older RIS folks wonder whether he is suitable for continued leadership. This may be his way of reminding them that he is just one of them.

It is also interesting that the DJIA showed no reaction to the Macron win. If earlier punditry about the effect of the first round was anything to go on, the second round of the French elections should have had an even bigger effect, but we see NO effect whatsoever. I wonder why...

I see DJT is having his "OMG Sally Yates is going to testify" meltdown on twitter. I don't know how this will play out as it is not clear what if any effect Trump's true position with the GOP is. Publicly GOP will try to dismiss Sally Yates because she is a woman, and they will try to paint her as a democratic operative. My guess is that stupid questions about "who leaked Flynn was a foreign agent" will dominate GOP responses to the event. It is not clear how stupid something has to publicly look before the GOP becomes embarrassed enough to go after Donald Trump.

It is clearer to me however that Sally's testimony will exacerbate Donald Trump's war with the USIC. As the Trump regime come into the cross hairs of the USIC, Trump is taking steps to undermine the grasp of the professionals on national security. A war of whispers has begun against NSA Gen H. R. McMaster. Apparently Trump feel the General is being more of a president than he is. That appearance of extraordinary competence in stark comparison to Trump himself is being used to accuse the General of disloyalty.

Perhaps Trump does not understand what will happen to his relationship with the professional national security class if Gen. McMaster goes on to publicly state that he believes Trump is a raving lunatic?

Or perhaps as the last days of this Reich draw nearer, the fuhrer draws his closest supporters together and descends into his bunker.

Who knows which way this Sally Gates hearing will end up taking things.


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