Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Daily Donald 5/23/2017

With disgraced former NSA Micheal Flynn invoking his fifth amendment rights, the stage is now set for a very public criminal investigation that goes to the heart of the Trump regime. Micheal Flynn was not the only shady character in this regime, there were many others who glued themselves to the Donald Trump Campaign. Most observers noted this and indicated that the sheer volume of these shady folks was merely a reflection of the black hole in the center of the campaign. The ensuing public investigation will of course bring to light more details.

There is some debate on twitter as to whether the impeachment process has already begun with Congressman Al Green's statement on the floor of the house. This line of debate has pitted sections of the liberal twittersphere against each other. The truth of the matter seems to be unclear at this time. That should not be surprising, if you take the security and secrecy that accompanies national security related criminal justice proceedings and combine that with the peculiarities of the impeachment process, we have a lot of ambiguity to cope with. Unfortunately a majority of the country right now is not in a mental place where they can  handle such ambiguity - the Trumpers are terrified of how exactly this is going to rebound on them, and the anti-Trumpers seek vindication that they were right all along. We can expect a lot of emotional upheaval as the criminal process continues.

The imagery coming from Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia is also problematic. The photos of President Trump touching the globe with the Saudi King and the Egyptian PM is going to fan the worst fears of the people that voted for Trump. The narrative slowly building in the places they frequent is that Trump has been compromised by the very groups he was supposed to destroy. With him apparently joining forces with Muslims and Jews and displaying severe incompetence with secret national security information - the Trumpers sense of anxiety is going to go wild. They may not admit it at first but those images are going to rattle their faith in him in ways they themselves do not understand.
It comes as no surprise to me that given how hard this is biting them in the ass, the Trump regime has deliberately proposed a fiscally irresponsible budget. The Trump regime seems to hope that this will distract from allegations of treason building up against it.

The budget as proposed is a terrible idea. It leaves out the tax cut altogether and presents a $2 Tn tax gain as a starting point. Against this it proposes further cuts in medicaid, social security, welfare, food stamps, and so on. With increased spending on defense, the budget as it stands actually creates a deficit of $4 Tn. These figures are best guesses from what little is known about the budget currently, and surely an OMB analysis will shed more light on things, but I suspect that this budget's primary objective is to kill all baby boomers by effectively ending social security and medicaid.

If this budget goes through as planned by the Trump regime, it will shift the bulk of the bad debt collecting in the markets out of the hands of the super rich who will get tax cuts despite their irresponsible gambling and on to the back of the ordinary "middle class" and poor people. I guess this is a form of debt deleveraging but it is a very destructive form - it will bring great strife and damage to the United States along with it.

Given that the chief architects of this madness - Steve Bannon and the GOP cult of Trump have long professed an interest in a "burn it down" philosophy - I find it impossible to distinguish between these people and vengeful RIS agents.

That to me is the greatest evidence of treason.


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