Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This is not Watergate or Iran Contra, this is something else.

A lot of people are confused about #TrumpRussia. People compare it to other things like Watergate and Iran Contra.

This is not like Watergate because Congress and Senate were very active in keeping tabs on Nixon's abuse of power. Today the GOP is hopelessly compromised, between the RIS hack of the RNC and whatever Trump picked up spying on their stay in his hotels, there is no way for the GOP folks in the Senate or Congress can stand up to Trump - they have too much to lose in the scandals that would follow from their sins being outed. The Democrats for their part are actually content to let Trump do whatever he wants because in the long run this benefits them "bigly" as the GOP look like massive losers. The average OWM in the US sees the FBI as a enemy, it isn't going after POC and immigrants the way it used to - it is going after people like him - so watching Trump cut the FBI's head off will only make the OWMs happy. You have to hand it to Trump he knows his peeps - he knows what will work for them. While this is a desperate attempt by Trump to control a spiraling narrative on #TrumpRussia - it will work among his core constituency because they are dumb enough to believe it.

This is not like Iran-Contra (and this part is causing the most amount of confusion). A lot of Berners are saying "Well, remember Iran Contra?". I am glad people still remember that stuff, but NO this is NOT like that at all. Here is why

1) Whatever you think - trading coke for arms for $100 superbills and hostages is actually the red meat of any national security policy. There are roaring markets in narcotics, illegal arms and fake currency. You have to control these markets somehow as you will never shut them down. Iran Contra was just one more operation in a long series of NSC run shindigs. It was not the first, it will not be the last.

2) Iran didn't have nukes pointed at the US and didn't help Reagan win the election. Reagan won because Americans were dumb enough to vote for him.The dumbasses that voted for him got fucked by things like junk bonds, but all of Reagan's friends go richer.

3) While Reagan did claim political benefits from Iran's release of the hostages - it was only *AFTER* the election that he did this. Trump by contrast publicly coordinated with RIS during the election and openly asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton!

If you are a Trump supporter reading this - you have to realize - all he had to do was keep his mouth shut and no one would have been the wiser. He could have derived benefits from a subterranean RIS influence operation without anyone being wiser. but he was so incredibly stupid - he publicly associated with it. While most of your kind was dumb enough to vote for him, that public association effectively gave your hated enemy - the deep state - a permanent leverage over Trump. By being so completely caught up in his own media image and how good it made him look - Trump gave your vile enemy - the Deep State - the perfect weapon to hold at his throat for an eternity.

By firing Comey - Trump has increased the likelihood of his surviving for his full five year term, but it has come at great cost to Trumpers and their cherished agendas. Trump now remains at the mercy of the Deep State completely. One word out of Comey will be enough to set in motion an agenda that deeply harms Trump's personal pockets. Like Sally Yates before him, James Comey has become a martyr to the cause.

To those of you liberals who are wondering what the Deep State is doing letting a major risk like Donald Trump run hog wild, I offer the following thoughts

1) The Deep State doesn't like to interfere in the electoral process beyond a point. It sees the elections as a way of legitimizing its power and doesn't particularly care what each candidate does unless it directly impacts the Deep State's interests.

2) The Deep State knows that a major market correction is imminent. Like all Deep States in every nation on earth in every time, they simply want to foist all the shit that comes with such a market correction on a suitable fall guy. That is all that Trump is to them - someone to take the fall for what everyone knows is coming. Trump is to our Deep State what Yeltsin was to the KGB/RIS-Deep State someone to push into the minds of gullible voters and then leave holding the bill for the inevitable suffering that follows.

You may wonder what is prompting the Deep State to do such things, and to understand the answer you must recognize that the Deep State is merely doing the bidding of the economic elites. The economic elites (much as people love to hate them) are usually the most mentally agile people in the society. They can see stuff coming that ordinary people cannot. They can see that a deleveraging is coming and the scale of the deleveraging is massive.

There are two modes by which a society deals with a major economic correction or deleveraging.

1) Either the elite crumbles altogether, the entire system of debt in society breaks down and you get a super depression that leaves nothing standing. Obviously this is the less preferred form of deleveraging.

2) The Elites get together and shop one of their own - usually the weakest animal in the herd is fed to the angry masses. This is the more preferred form of deleveraging.

It is the second option that the Deep State is managing right now.


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