Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Daily Donald 5/16/2017

Donald Trump leaked information to RUAMB Kislyak and RU Foreign Min Lavrov in an oval office meeting that only Russian press was invited to.

It is correct that the President has the authority to declassify information as needed, but there is an elaborate protocol that is usually followed to ensure that such a release is not compromising US interests in any way.

Trump did not follow that protocol. He does not seem to be even aware of its existence. Yesterday he tried denying it ever happened, and then today morning he reversed his position on it and admitted he did it.

The release of information has damaged the USIC's relationship with a key intelligence partner in the fight against ISIS. It is likely the release and the ensuing public debacle has resulted in the loss of human sources inside ISIS ranks.

As I had stated earlier, the USIC primarily reacted poorly to Donald Trump because they knew he would get in their way. Given his propensity to brag about things he feels he owns, they felt secrets would just pass through his loose lips. Looks like they were right.

The optics of this matter highlight how Trump gets on his knees whenever anyone from Russia walks in the door. His desire to please Russian visitors and personalities is so high that he seems fine with average everyday Americans thinking that he is a Russian spy. Not only does he disrespect the America's allies of many decades, he openly spits on the faces of the people that voted for him.

As expected the GOP is making its usual bleating noises, but since none of these people would in Congress or Senate without Trump's help - they are in his political debt and they will not move against him. Whatever infantile posturing they carry out in the media - they are all bought and paid for at the booth and it is unlikely that they will ever impeach him even if he murders their own children on the WH lawns. The GOP - quite simply is a lost cause.

This is a fantastic mess - one that could have been avoided if the "culturally displaced" idiots who voted for Trump hadn't done that.

Trumpers are likely to become even more bewildered, embarrassed and emphatically stupid in the face of an emotionally adverse facts. I don't know it makes any sense to to care about what they have to think anymore. I feel thee whole business of polling them selectively is likely to become irrelevant. It is probably a good idea to keep polling focus groups comprised of Trumpers but fundamentally I remain skeptical that the data will give anything of value.

The market as usual continues to baffle me.


At 3:04 AM, Blogger Ralphy said...

the nation is being led by a petulant child.

or maybe marie antoinette with a lap top?

not only does the idiot use the "your fired" treatment of a employee like some hollywood reality show but then..........he follows it up by threatening the guy who happens to be a leading national law enforcement officer!!

such a tactical genius.......

there is huge danger is having a person with a narcissist personality disorder as president.

At 5:27 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Unfortunately this was pointed out many times to people that liked him last year. They chose to vote for him and now we have to cope with this.

Most of them were interested in a protest vote, there were two more candidates they could have protested with, but they chose Trump. Now we are all screwed here.

Today coastal liberals are saying "fuck them trumpers, what do I care if they lose healthcare" and I have to tell them that the burden of a relative's health care is borne by the immediate family, if you have a father, uncle, brother, or cousin that voted for Trump and loses healthcare in the process, you are going to have to shoulder their hospital bills even if you have healthcare.

Never seen such levels of stupidity. I don't know how this is not going to end in disaster even if he somehow survives at the top.

At 11:19 AM, Blogger maverick said...

I understand the liberal anger, but when so many people in the Midwest go bankrupt due to rising medical costs, the pain will eventually be remitted to the people in the blue states.

One of the nice things about Obamacare was that it openly audited such costs and made it clear to everyone that we are all part of the same national fabric of good health and positive thinking.

But first these Trumpers turned away from it solely because Obama was a black man and now the liberals are turning away from the core ideas of Obamacare because they want Trumpers to feel the pain of their bottomless idiocy.

I have never seen a nation so intent on flushing itself down the toilet.

This is not going to end well.


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