Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fall of the House of Trump

We knew it was long coming but we are at the point where the outer facade will begin to crumble.

The Cambridge Analytica interview with Channel 4 news is pretty damning. It is clear that while "micro-targeting" based marketing is not a viable technique, Cambridge Analytica was actually only posing as a "micro-targeting" firm. It was in fact a dirty tricks machine that was pursuing a no holds barred campaign to malign Trump's opponents. The money trail to Cambridge Analytica runs via Robert Mercer and the GOP, but its poisonous roots appear to be crawling with RIS operators. The exposure of Kushner and Trump to this is devastating. This is a direct charge of election tampering - a charge that is much worse than "collusion" or even obstruction. This is straight up treason.

Perhaps Trump will survive the fall of the House but "Javanka" and the boys will not. Neither will *any* of the enablers. This may explain why Trump Jr's wife chose a criminal defense attorney to litigate her divorce. The criminal attorney is there primarily to see that she is not embroiled as an accessory in whatever Trump Jr has been up to. She (like other "complicit" people) will seek to build a firewall between herself and the fall of the house. I do not know if she will succeed.

What exactly happens next for Trump himself  depends on the lawyers he chooses. And therein lies the rub. Trump is good at attracting gangster types like Cohen, he is not good at attracting competent people. This sort of legal-gangster stuff works real well in the private sector where corporations wrestle with each other and beat down the little guys, but IT DOES NOT WORK AT THE GOVERNMENT LEVEL.

 If one attempts the same stupid shit Trump pulls in his private business at the US Government level, everyone ends up in jail including the lawyers. So in his desperation, Trump is attracting the scum that are typically at the bottom of the barrel. The lawyers he is pulling on his team know exactly what I have said above. They will not do anything to actually defend him in court or before Mueller where it really matters. They will instead put on a show in the media and bill him a ton of hours. The end result will be that Trump will be completely blindsided by the OSC. His own lawyers will shake him down.

In this climate Trump will become even more mentally unfocused. He will drop commitments and obligations that he has towards his own stakeholders. He will be completely focused on his own survival and less and less so on the people he made promises to.

Trump was Putin's big investment in the US - he was Putin's last hope for getting the sanctions lifted. As that hope diminishes, and Putin runs out of money to keep his political machine running - he will become more and more erratic. The Skirpal attack is merely Putin's way of saying be nice to me or I will use CBW on your unprepared population. This is not as I had earlier suspected a desire to slap MI6 in the face, it is a warning to Trump. A warning that IMHO Trump will ignore cause he is too busy with saving his own skin.

As for the mass of supremacists that thought he would be their agent in the WH, well they are going to find out that he has no real interest in their well being. They will act out in ways that lead to more deaths and because of the peculiarity of the reporting system - the US itself will not recognize their actions as being coherent or coordinated until the violence levels are quite high.

So - expect more mass casualty incidents in the US.


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