Monday, March 26, 2018

The rising threat of a WN/2A armed insurrection

Driving ethnic subnationalism in adversary states is a very important subversion technique and the RIS are masters of that art.

For those just tuning in.

RU and the US have nukes pointed at each other. However RU nukes are NOT "tippy top" as you might have heard a certain suspected RIS asset tell you. They are the opposite of that - the guidance systems & propulsion systems are not great and most RU nukes are aging , and replacement is not economically feasible. This is undermining RU security in a fundamental way, and they ideally want the US to pay for refurbishing the RU arsenal since they can't afford to do it themselves. 

Unfortunately US does not have have the money to refurbish own nukes much less RU nukes and has for the last two decades been aggressively pursuing ballistic missile intercept technologies. These technologies are far from mature, but they are cheaper to explore than refurbishing old nukes. The RU is naturally jealous of the US lead here given how little the RU has been able to do on this front due economic and political problems over the last thirty years.

It is in the RU interest to undermine the perceived US lead by causing similar economic and political problems.

A full blown armed insurgency inside the US driven off the very ethnic group that forms a large part the police and military is an ideal way to achieve the RU goal. (An analogy to this in India would be Pakistan driving Sikh/Rajput/Jat/Kshatriya caste chauvinism - all three communities are disproportionately represented in Police and Military and any impact on their performance is a  kick in India's nuts.)

The 2016 election has caused significant damage to US political infrastructure. Thanks to the expanding RIS control over Right Wing media like NRATV, Fox News etc... and unconventional channels like Facebook, Twitter etc... it appears a significant number of white men have been subverted to the idea that the US as nation doesn't really work for them. Once such views are formed - even in a minority of people - they become very hard to displace. As the target invests in these ideas, they become a defining part of the target's identity.

By playing on fears of loss of a social dominance, too many young white men have been pulled into a funnel that ends in a kind of "stochastic" terrorism. Drawn to discord groups, Reddits etc... the men are pushed into committing acts of violence against perceived peer competitors. The result is an expanding wave of apparently random violence against POC, sexual minorities and women. The core of the movement are a loose association of WN/2A groups that seem to have gathered around the rough agenda of preserving access to "assault weapons" like the AR-15.

This suggests that control of large numbers of rapid fire weapons and military ammo is key to these groups. It makes sense - those weapons are to the US what the AK-47 was to the Punjab and Kashmir insurgency - an instant replacement for the failing man's penis - a restorer of lost potency. One might even think of it a kind of machine gun variant of piquerism - ploughing the enemy's flesh with bullets from the man who holds the AR15. Yeah - it is really that fucked up.

What makes this worse IMHO is that police forces across the US are unprepared to cope with this threat. They have neither the training, nor the weapons not the mindset to fight this kind of war. They will be about as effective as the Punjab Police was in the early days or the Afghan police are presently.

One of the first acts of the Trump guys was to shut down an FBI program aimed at identifying and containing high risk individuals. This low level program was a great tool to keep violence levels managed. With such an open assault on counter-subversion at the national level, the USG will not be able to clearly visualize the threat.

In this climate, a WN/2A led "tet offensive" seems likely.


At 9:01 AM, Blogger maverick said...

And it begins.

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Ralphy said...

a vietnamese dude with mental problems......

At 7:45 AM, Blogger maverick said...

good to know it was a false alarm.

It will however start like this. Small apparently unconnected events that start piling up one by one.

If the counter-sub efforts are still online, then we would be able to flush this out with provocation/sting operations, but if those are not viable at this time, then it will fester into uncontrolled events.

At 10:08 AM, Blogger maverick said...

interesting narrative shift.


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