Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Michael Cohen is fast becoming a major liability for Trump

Stormy Daniels revelation that her baby was threatened by someone claiming to represent Trump's interests is a real problem. The incident appears to have happened around the time that she was in negotiations with Michael Cohen who was representing Trump's interests in the legal sphere.

A lot of people have similar stories of Michael Cohen - he is not a very competent lawyer and he has this gangster vocabulary he likes using. It is not clear if he thinks of himself as some kind of Sopranos character but he talks like one. This sparks a lot of suspicion - that Trump had Cohen threaten Stormy's newborn child. That is a very bad look for Trump.

You might say that Trump is held aloft on a steady fountain of misogyny and racial hate, what does it matter if he threatened Stormy's infant? Yes that is correct - but there is a problem. Like any can of worms - there is never just one worm and each worm is connected to another worm.

There are several women who accused Trump of raping them and they all claimed they were intimidated. One of these cases involves a woman who claims she was 13 years old when she was raped by Trump.

In general the average Trumper won't be bothered by Trump's sexcapades. I feel that these people are vicariously living via Trump's public persona. When  Trump get some - his supporters feel like they got laid too. This factor was at work with Bill Clinton supporters back in the day too. There was "Heck Yeah I'd tap that..." factor at work back then, we are seeing a similar factor at work now.

Bill Clinton was subject to an impeachment process on grounds of lying about sexual misconduct and it failed largely because the people accusing him had massive sex scandals of their own. The unstated fact that kept Bill Clinton in power despite accusations of predatory behavior was the knowledge that if he fell - his political opponents would meet a similarly end.

Where IMHO the Trump situation differs from Bill Clinton's situation. Bill Clinton was never accused of raping underage girls - Trump is. Another important point that is lost on most Trumpers is that the Clinton's are politically spent. Trump still has to survive his first time.

As the Stormy NDA failure demonstrates - it is basically open season on Trump. With new cases will come more embarrassing disclosures about Michael Cohen's lack of basic legal skills and his reliance of extra-legal intimidation.

As the vultures gather to feed on his decaying professional form - Michael Cohen will likely try to reach out to OSC Mueller and offer up stuff that incriminates Trump.

This is not going to work for Trump.

So unless Michael Cohen agrees to be Trump's Hagen... my guess is he will be "Seth Riched" or "Vince Forstered" by Trump.


At 8:25 AM, Blogger bill cory said...

So in the future, if these NDA's are shown to not work, how will the rich and powerful hide their sins?

At 10:07 AM, Blogger maverick said...

Don't know - but Michael Cohen is fast becoming the man who knows too much.


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